For starters, I better explain why everything has the same date...this blog started off somewhere else and I've decided to move it here to Blogger and save the ten bucks a month I was paying for hosting somewhere else.  Unfortunately, I don't think it was getting much traffic; it had a hideously long URL, so that probably didn't help.  Anyway, now I'm here and I hope more people will find my blog now.

I am a 39 year old stay-at-home-mom of two beautiful little handfulls - oh, I mean girls!  I am 2 year and two month breast cancer survivor.  My intent in writing all of this emotional stuff down was to help other people in my shoes or similar shoes.  Like my opening post says, I sure wish that I knew someone like me when I was first diagnosed.  Although my mom had had breast cancer several years prior, she was 3500 miles away and it was different circumstances.  She was 52, I was 37 - with a toddler and a baby!

I learned a lot along my cancer journey and I created this to hopefully be available for anyone who’s searching to read someone else’s story. Nothing replaces medical advice, but hearing someones first-hand experience with a disease can be useful for some. I know it was for me. I hope it is for you.

I am pretty new to the web, as far as creating web content and blogs myself, but I am making an attempt with a few blogs in addition to this one: lets go shoppingphoto wall displays, gifts for kids, and one all about how to get your baby or kids to sleep through the night.  I can't keep up with them as much as I had hoped, but I'm trying my best - if you get a chance to check them out I would love to get some feedback!  What I am most proud of, however, are my hubs over at Hubpages - a terrific place to write and make money from it.  I have a rather significant mountain of medical bills from my cancer treatment and I’m trying to earn money from home to help pay them while being able to continue to stay at home with my daughters, so feel free to refer people to my sites and please don’t mind that I’m still working on them!

Thank you for visiting and be well!